Fishing reports

Sag Harbor in April

Sag Harbor in April

Fishing season usually begins in May. If you have a boat you might catch some fluke. Also in May you might catch some blue fish and stripped bass. Hope you catch some fish!!!!!!!!!


Blow Fish

Blow  fish  puff  up  whenever  a creature tries  to  eat it.

Playing with a lot of fish

The Rusty Hook went fishing in a huge park called the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. There was a little pond. The little pond had thousands of fish. The Rusty Hook said “they are koi fish.” koi fish are fish that are freshwater fish. With a stick we were touching the koi fish. Max, a Rusty Hook member found out that if you touch them with a stick or anything that looks like a stick they start jumping out of the water. They also jump on top of each other to get the stick.