Blow Fish

Blow  fish  puff  up  whenever  a creature tries  to  eat it.


4 comments on “Blow Fish

  1. helen says:

    Since the blowfish contains enough poison to kill 30 humans I would definitely swim the other way if I saw one all puffed up! However when they are not puffed up they look like they’re smiling 🙂 So cute.

  2. miguel says:

    nice job kids you should be oceanographers

  3. Dear Rusty Hook; Grandpa Irch, Helen, Mark, Jenny and I had a dried blowfish on a shelf in our bathroom on Wood Avenue for many years. It was very beautiful…all puffed up with sharp spines all over it’s body and sharp little teeth in its open mouth. Every time I tried to dust it, it either bit me or stuck me! I think it was angry at being on a bathroom shelf instead of in all that fresh water where it belonged. Do you think so too? Love, Grandma Necey

  4. Mrs. Almodovar says:

    This blowfish had the good sense to puff up when he saw the big, bad creature called “Max.” ~:-D
    You never know if Max is hungry enough to bite it.

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