Fishing In Sag Harbor

Now it is the end of May. Lots of blow fish are out in Sag Harbor. The Rusty Hook caught lots of blow fish and one robin fish. We caught a total of 5 fish. We had lots of nibbles also. The Rusty Hook had to let go of the robin fish and one blow fish. I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend!

Marco hooks the first blow fish of the season.

Our robin fish swims away. I think he learned a lesson.

The Rusty Hook boys showing off their catch!

A Rusty Hook blow fish feast! It tasted great!


What You Need

If you are going fishing for blue fish, you need a lure. But if you are going for porgies , you need sand worms. For flounder  you need either  sand worms,  clams, or squid. For grouper, you need shrimp, or squid. For snappers, you need, shiners and a bobber. If the bobbers go under water… YOU GOT A SNAPPER!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!


Do you know how to get ready for fishing? First, attach the reel to the fishing rod; then, you pull the line through the   hoops; finally, grab a hook and hook the bait up; and cast out! GOOD LUCK!!!!! Hope you catch some fish!

The river bass

I think it is a bass

The Rusty Hook went fishing on the Raritan river in NJ. We did not catch anything, but someone else did. It was a river bass. you might not see the picture well, but that is a fish.