The New Jersey shore

A fishing boat going out to sea.

The Rusty Hook was fishing in the Jersey shore. The Rusty hook did not catch anything but some people caught some Blue fish and some fluke. The town was called  Point Pleasant. It was  so nice, it felt like being in Florida.

Catching lots of seaweed .

Maxi casting out.

Skate fish washed up on shore.


4 comments on “The New Jersey shore

  1. helen says:

    What a fun day, reminds me that summer is just around the corner. I can’t wait till you guys post a photo of the first fish of the summer! I wonder if it will come from NY or NJ?

  2. The Rusty Hook Fishing Club. says:

    I’ll make sure to do that!

  3. Mrs. Almodovar says:

    Ewwww! That Skate Fish looks creepy. Is it a type of Sting Ray?

  4. Grounded on Jane Street! says:

    No. All they have are pinchy spikes. It is not a type of Sting Ray though.

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