Treasure Hunting With The Rusty Hook.

Rusty Hook member getting ready for the treasure hunt next week in Spain.

The Rusty Hook team will be starting their treasure hunt in Spain next week. We are looking for old Roman coins, Spanish civil war bullets & perhaps some old rusty hooks from the beach. We will search high in the mountains of Cataluña ( The region of northeast Spain), around the river Ebro (where the greatest battle of the Spanish civil war occurred) & on the sandy beaches around the ancient city of Girona (maybe we will find some buried treasures!). Wish us luck!

Here is the region of Catalonia (or Cataluña).


A Trip to Spain

Rusty Hook members Marco, Max,and Marimar are leaving for Spain. BUT Mark [a Rusty Hook member] will still be in New Jersey to write posts.

What we Used as Bait

The Rusty Hook used minnows as bait. Minnows are very good bait. The Rusty Hook did not catch anything with the minnows, but got some nibbles.

Crabbing at Sagaponack Beach

Sagaponack is a beach in Bridgehampton. It has a salt water lake that is perfect for crabbing. The Rusty Hook went crabbing there and caught a lot of blue crabs.

The Blue

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Mark, a Rusty Hook member, was having a tough fight. A one and a half foot blue fish was hooked. Even though it jumped off the hook when we brought it up on shore. It all went so fast that we did not have time to take a picture of it. We did have time to take a picture of The Rusty Hook getting ready for the fishing trip at 5:00 A.M.