Hooking em’ up!

After a long winter, the Rusty Hook is back in business! We traveled to Sag Harbor, Long Island where we ended up going to Barcelona Point. The first day, we weren’t so lucky. My dad hooked a fish, a huge fish, but it got away. I saw just a bit of it, but what I saw made my jaws drop. It was huge! Whatever it was. I was expecting a cocktail blue, but no, this thing was huge. It must have been a full grown blue. We left the beautiful beach hoping for better luck next time.

After we were all at the house, we decided on going early in the morning. We left the house at around 6:00am and drove to the Secret Spot or what is really called, Barcelona Point. When we got there, we were surprised to see how many other fishermen there were. They had buckets and buckets filled with blues. I ran up and cast out. No luck. Nothing for about an hour. Then, we noticed the lures the other fishermen were using were different. They were using swimmers. I changed quickly and continued my fishing. Automatically, I caught a bluefish. They were so hard to reel in! These were no cocktails, they were the real deal, Bluefish. I cast out, I start reeling in when, I feel a nibble.

Then more and more. As soon as I know the fish is hooked, I star reeling. I can’t. My reel was literally stuck. I gave the rod to my dad. He took it and started reeling in. It was challenging for him too! When we got the fish right by the shore, it looked awfully weird. We don’t know what that thing was. Max (My little brother) automatically jumped into action and tried netting the fish. But by the time he got into the water, it was gone. I, as well as the rest of the Rusty Hook don’t no what that thing was. We kept on losing lures after that. Just like the day before with the huge fish my dad had lost and the mystery fish. Finally, we realized that we had been fishing without leaders! We put them on and continued the fishing. Much better! But even with leaders, we can’t explain the strength of the beast.

And the moral of the story: Use leaders!              Marco age 12.

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The mystery fish. What do you think it is?


What Kind of Fish did Marco catch?

When the sun was bright, and the the water  was warm, the fish came out. The Rusty Hook was back fishing after the long cold winter. When we came to Barcelona Point, Sag Harbor, my  brother’s fishing rod was the first one to get ready. When he cast out he waited and waited, then one pull he almost fell in the water. He wondered what it was? Then it pulled and pulled, he reeled so hard he thought his muscles would pop out. Then we saw a black figure in the shallow water. We knew it was a bluefish but when it jumped out of the water it looked like a shark too, but bluefish and shark? We couldn’t figure it out. What do you think?

(Author: Max G.  9 years old)