What to Use to Catch a Porgy

The most reliable bait for porgies is sand worms. They go crazy for sand worms! Just be careful when putting a sand worm on a hook, for these nasty suckers can bite. Our first time using sand worms, my mom put one on her hand not knowing that they bite. We learned our lesson after she yelled in pain. Also make sure to use weights, since porgies are bottom fish. Hope you catch some fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Careful with those worms!)

Written by: Marco Greenberg age 12


This porgy is hungry for sand worms!


Snappers are snappin!’

It is snapper season! They are finally biting. They are my personal favorite fish to catch. They are easy and fun. Use a snapper jig and cast out! We have not gone for snappers yet because of our busy schedule, but we will soon. (Most likely tomorrow.) If you are in Sag Harbor, just cast out at Long Beach or off of Barcelona Point. Basically any where off a beach or off a boat in Sag Harbor is fine. If you are not in Sag Harbor, but somewhere in the North, East coast, give it a try! Good luck, and I HOPE YOU CATCH SOME FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a snapper

Written by: Marco Greenberg age 12

The Rusty Hook Is Going Fishing Tomorrow

The Rusty Hook is going fishing tomorrow!!!! We are going for blow fish and porgy’s, those guys are every where!!! I just caught one about 5 days ago. Iv been trying to tell my dad to grill that thing for more than a week now!!!! So I put it in the freezer ever since, and now it’s so frozen that it’s eye’s turned wight frozen. Well ,that’s all for today guys. AND HOPE YOU CATCH SOME FISH!!!!

This is the blow fish I caught about 5 days ago, fully frozen.IMG_2631

What Fish Did Marco And Max See? (Pier)

Marco and I were going to the pier and then we found some people fishing, we went to watch but when we got to the pier, we saw a huge splash. At first I thought it was one of the lures splashing in the water, but then I saw a fin, and I think it was a porgy witch is impossible, because they are bottom fish. So I think it was a snapper. Then on the way back, we saw about 100 fat minnows swimming everywhere. It was a crazy day!

Written by: Max Greenberg age 9

What’s Running? The Rusty Hook Fishing Report

If you want to know what’s out their in the North, East coast, this is a post for you! If you read my post, “A Blow Fish Mystery,” you should know that their are not many full grown blow fish out. Porgies and Fluke are biting. Their have been some reports of blue fish biting but their season is pretty much over. If you really want to hook some blues and striped bass, you might have better luck on a boat a bit farther out at sea. Crabs are also out. If you are in to catching them. That’s it for now. Hope you catch some fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Marco Greenberg age 12