Where are Those Fish?!!?!?! A Blow Fish Mystery

Blow fish have not been running much at all here in good old Sag Harbor, Long Island. Max Greenberg of the Rusty hook caught one in Barcelona Point after about two hours. Something isn’t right.

Today I went snorkeling in Long Beach and found out many things. The blow fish I saw were still babies. At this time of year I would expect big or even full grown blow fish. I also found this out with robin fish.

MY THEORY is that the messed up weather this summer has affected the time of year the fish come out. If my theory is correct, blow fish will be really biting in a week and will bite for about another month. I will continue my research and try to find out further information, but for now, this is what I know. So good luck and I hope you can catch some fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Marco Greenberg age 12


3 comments on “Where are Those Fish?!!?!?! A Blow Fish Mystery

  1. Helen says:

    I have a new found love of blow fish. Until the Rusty Hook reeled one in this weekend I never realized how cute they are! I hope your theory is correct and they get nice and big later on in the summer.

  2. Grounded on Jane Street! says:


  3. BGreenberg says:

    Loved reading about the blowfish mystery. Your theories sound spot on to me. Time will tell. I’ll be watching for more fishing tales from The Rusty Hook! Happy fishing!!!!!

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