First Catch of the Year

After a long and bitter winter, the time has once again come when we can go fishing and expect to hook something good. Today, we left the house at around 9:00am and got ourselves geared up at Tight Lines Tackle. We were told that blues and bass were running in the bay, so that’s where we went. Barcelona Point is typically a good spot for fishing, so we drove there and cast out. I was a bit rusty after not having gone fishing for a really long time, but I got the hang of it quite quickly. We were all using poppers as our lures because that is what the fish seem to be interested in at this time of the year. We weren’t having the best of luck until I felt that bite. Whatever I had on my line was defiantly a fighter. These weren’t small nibbles I was feeling, these were strong tugs. Finally the short but thrilling battle was over, and the fish was on the sand, flopping all over the place. I took a quick look at it and realized that it was a big fat fluke. I had caught a big fluke, but that’s not all. I had caught a big fluke using a blue fish and striped bass lure. We quickly called Ken, the owner of Tight Lines to see what size flukes have to be this season in order for them to be keepers. Nineteen inches, Ken told us nineteen inches or over was the size for keepers. This fluke was almost nineteen inches, but he was missing one or two inches. So I let him go, knowing it was the right thing to do, and he took off as fast as his fins could take him.

Written by: Marco Greenberg

Age: 14



One comment on “First Catch of the Year

  1. Helen says:

    That must have been so exciting! What a big fish. He’s lucky that he got another chance at life!

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