About The Rusty Hook

The Rusty Hook was named in 2011 by Mark and Marco. Our family loves to fish and loves to learn new things on the sport. We also love to share our work and progress with the public so that other people can learn from our posts. Visit our other sites: Visit Nioey.com or All Gamed Up if you are interested in video games, visit Gamelantis for another video game site, visit Ghost Out if you are interested in ghosts, visit Sag Harbor if you are new to Sag Harbor, Long Island and visit Crazy Traveling for a short description of some of the trips we have been on.

Written by: The Rusty Hook Fishing Club

List of fish that The Rusty Hook has caught:


Red snapper


Robin fish

King fish




Blow fish



3 comments on “About The Rusty Hook

  1. what are the best fishing beaches in East Hampton Town (including Montauk)?

    • The Rusty Hook Fishing Club. says:

      Fishing by the light house in Montauk is good for striped bass. Long beach is great for blow fish. Hope you catch some fish!!!!!

  2. I did not know about Long Beach and blow fish…

    check out our description of the ’40 Beaches of East Hampton’ – I will include the info and a link to your site.

    Thanks, David

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