Catches Of The Day

Max Greenberg, Dante Redondo, Marco Greenberg and Mark Greenberg got up at 5:00 AM to go fishing. We all caught Robin Fish that day. Marco got the 1st catch of the day Mark 2nd Dante 3rd and Max 4th.Not only did Dante catch a Robin Fish but he also caught a huge crab too. Dante also caught another Robin Fish but we did not let it go, insted we cut his stomach open took out the meat and used it for bate, disgusting really, but useful. We were originally going for Blue Fish but there were no Blue Fish caught. WARNING!! Watch out for Robin Fish people whom are going for porgy’s, the Robin Fish will rip the bate right of the hook!!           GOOD LUCK CATCHING SOME FISH!!!!

Written By: Max Greenberg Age 10