Catch Of The Day

Max Greenberg, Dante Redondo, Marco Greenberg and Mark Greenberg got up at 5:00 AM to go fishing. We all caught Robin Fish that day. Marco got the 1st catch of the day Mark 2nd Dante 3rd and Max 4th.


Marco catches the 1st sea robin of the day.

Not only did Dante catch a Robin Fish but he also caught a huge crab. Dante also caught another Robin Fish but we did not let it go, instead we cut his stomach open took out the meat and used it for bait, disgusting really, but useful.


Dante’s crab.

We were originally going for Blue Fish but there were no Blue Fish caught. WARNING!! Watch out for Robin Fish people whom are going for porgy’s, the Robin Fish will rip the bait right off the hook!!


Mark and the flying sea robin.


Written By: Max Greenberg Age 10


A Jamaican Story


The Rusty Hook visited Jamaica for one week during Winter Vacation. It was an experience that I will never forget. Jamaica is so much different than The United States. First of all, the reggae would keep me up all night, but it was such good music, that I didn’t mind. Taxi drivers would try to rip us off, and we needed transportation since we were staying at a resort that was pretty far from everything else. As the taxi drivers drove us to our destinations, we would watch the jerk chicken stands smoking with jerk. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to eat at a jerk stand. That is one thing I will remember to do next time I go to Jamaica. There were cliffs right outside the resort, so we would jump in and snorkel in the water below. It was beyond fantastic. The water was always beautiful, calm and clear. Their were fish everywhere I looked, swimming from left to right, examining the snorkelers with interest. All I could see was fish, sand, rocks, shells, seaweed, and coral. But something had caught my eye. Something that was too shiny to be anything from the list of sea items I just mentioned. I dove down to grab it. It was pretty far down under water, but I was able to grab it and swim back up. It was a ring. After some observing, I discovered a 14 k sign engraved at the bottom of the ring. That meant only one thing, I was holding a golden ring. After that experience, I felt like a pirate. I would look everywhere, searching for more treasure.

The beaches were very nice. Clear water, calm water, every characteristic that fits into a beautiful tropical beach. Their were tons of star fish. But not the small type, these were huge yellow and orange sea stars. Whenever I touched one, it would start to creep away at full speed. Later that week, we went snorkeling on a small glass bottom boat. It was a great experience. A friend of mine told me that she saw a reef shark while snorkeling. One of the most common sea creatures I saw during the trip were sea urchins. They were everywhere, ready to stab a person or two. Luckily, I never got in contact with one, but I got close a few times. Well, anyway, that’s a good load of information for now. Their is still much more about my wonderful trip, but i’v got to go. Bye!

Written by: Marco Greenberg, age 12

New Rusty Hook Record

I went to Tight Lines Tackle as usual this morning with my brother and dad to get the news on the fish and get all geared up. Snappers were on my mind today. I was even more inspired for catching them since my brother had caught one off the pier the other day. I asked Kenny, (the owner of Tight Lines Tackle) where to go for snappers. I had the pier on my mind, but we ended up going to Barcelona Point instead. I got my rod and tackle ready and cast out. A few minutes later, my brother Max had caught the first snapper of the day. There were snappers out, that was for sure! Soon, I was catching one snapper after the other. There was a small tide pool nearby, so we decided to put the fish in it. The original Rusty Hook record was 12 snappers in one day. Today I beat that record with fifteen snappers in less than two hours! Combining my snappers with the ones my brother caught, The Rusty Hook had caught 29 snappers in less than two hours plus a porgy and robin fish that my dad caught. In all, 31 fish were caught in Barcelona Point! Good luck, and I hope you catch some fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Written by: Marco Greenberg     Age 12

What And How Many Fish did The Rusty Hook Catch At Barcelona Point Yesterday

Maxie beats his 12 snapper catching record by catching 14 snappers in a day. Yesterday The Rusty Hook caught 29 snappers off the shore of Barcelona Point. That’s the most snappers The Rusty Hook has ever caught. My dad caught a huge porgy off Barcelona Point. So in all we caught 31 fish in Sag Harbor. So GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀

Written by: Max Greenberg, age 9

What to Use to Catch a Porgy

The most reliable bait for porgies is sand worms. They go crazy for sand worms! Just be careful when putting a sand worm on a hook, for these nasty suckers can bite. Our first time using sand worms, my mom put one on her hand not knowing that they bite. We learned our lesson after she yelled in pain. Also make sure to use weights, since porgies are bottom fish. Hope you catch some fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Careful with those worms!)

Written by: Marco Greenberg age 12


This porgy is hungry for sand worms!

Snappers are snappin!’

It is snapper season! They are finally biting. They are my personal favorite fish to catch. They are easy and fun. Use a snapper jig and cast out! We have not gone for snappers yet because of our busy schedule, but we will soon. (Most likely tomorrow.) If you are in Sag Harbor, just cast out at Long Beach or off of Barcelona Point. Basically any where off a beach or off a boat in Sag Harbor is fine. If you are not in Sag Harbor, but somewhere in the North, East coast, give it a try! Good luck, and I HOPE YOU CATCH SOME FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a snapper

Written by: Marco Greenberg age 12

The Rusty Hook Is Going Fishing Tomorrow

The Rusty Hook is going fishing tomorrow!!!! We are going for blow fish and porgy’s, those guys are every where!!! I just caught one about 5 days ago. Iv been trying to tell my dad to grill that thing for more than a week now!!!! So I put it in the freezer ever since, and now it’s so frozen that it’s eye’s turned wight frozen. Well ,that’s all for today guys. AND HOPE YOU CATCH SOME FISH!!!!

This is the blow fish I caught about 5 days ago, fully frozen.IMG_2631