A Jamaican Story


The Rusty Hook visited Jamaica for one week during Winter Vacation. It was an experience that I will never forget. Jamaica is so much different than The United States. First of all, the reggae would keep me up all night, but it was such good music, that I didn’t mind. Taxi drivers would try to rip us off, and we needed transportation since we were staying at a resort that was pretty far from everything else. As the taxi drivers drove us to our destinations, we would watch the jerk chicken stands smoking with jerk. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to eat at a jerk stand. That is one thing I will remember to do next time I go to Jamaica. There were cliffs right outside the resort, so we would jump in and snorkel in the water below. It was beyond fantastic. The water was always beautiful, calm and clear. Their were fish everywhere I looked, swimming from left to right, examining the snorkelers with interest. All I could see was fish, sand, rocks, shells, seaweed, and coral. But something had caught my eye. Something that was too shiny to be anything from the list of sea items I just mentioned. I dove down to grab it. It was pretty far down under water, but I was able to grab it and swim back up. It was a ring. After some observing, I discovered a 14 k sign engraved at the bottom of the ring. That meant only one thing, I was holding a golden ring. After that experience, I felt like a pirate. I would look everywhere, searching for more treasure.

The beaches were very nice. Clear water, calm water, every characteristic that fits into a beautiful tropical beach. Their were tons of star fish. But not the small type, these were huge yellow and orange sea stars. Whenever I touched one, it would start to creep away at full speed. Later that week, we went snorkeling on a small glass bottom boat. It was a great experience. A friend of mine told me that she saw a reef shark while snorkeling. One of the most common sea creatures I saw during the trip were sea urchins. They were everywhere, ready to stab a person or two. Luckily, I never got in contact with one, but I got close a few times. Well, anyway, that’s a good load of information for now. Their is still much more about my wonderful trip, but i’v got to go. Bye!

Written by: Marco Greenberg, age 12